The Fountain of Health Wellness Program is a comprehensive, award-winning worksite health promotion program designed to reduce health risks and increase the quality of life for all City of Kansas City, Mo., employees.

The City’s wellness program is a confidential program managed by a wellness team from Saint Luke’s Hospital. It is a voluntary program open to all full-time City employees who are eligible to receive health insurance benefits from the City.

The Fountain of Health team continuously strives to provide a variety of programs to help City employees live happier, healthier lives in the workplace and at home. In 2009, the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) honored the City’s Fountain of Health Wellness Program with a prestigious gold level award. WELCOA recognized the City as one of America’s healthiest organizations for its commitment and dedication to improving the health of City employees.

Fountain of Health Mission
- To have employees healthy in mind, body and spirit
- Assist employees in balancing work and personal life obligations
- Control the rising cost of medical benefits for the City