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Rich Noll Legacy

Rich Noll became a dedicated and devoted City employee in 1983 when he was selected as a prestigious L.P. Cookingham public management intern. After the internship, he worked as a budget analyst and then became an assistant city manager in 1995. Rich considered it an honor to work for the City of Kansas City and loved his job as "assistant" city manager. For 27 years he dealt with major issues facing the City and led complicated projects. He was a great leader but also a team player. Rich's positive attitude, which was his trademark, enabled him to forge ahead on difficult issues. He was rarely "down," but when he was, he simply needed time to think of a solution.

An excellent role model, Rich had an excellent work ethic and attendance record. He exuded goodwill and kindness to City leaders, associates and the public. Amidst his busy schedule and heavy workload, he never failed to respond to a citizen who needed assistance. He responded to phone calls, emails, or texts, no matter what the hour of the day or day of the week. He had a reputation for being able to "get things done." Whatever he did, it was done with professionalism, integrity and respect for all involved. Rich was humble, often hesitating to take credit for his successes. He very much appreciated the efforts and companionship of his associates and considered many of them good friends. You knew when Rich was in the elevator or on the floor, once one heard his "booming" laugh. Many retired, past and current employees have said that Rich had an impact upon them as someone who was "bigger than life." The Pacesetter Award continues that legacy.

Patty Noll


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