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City initiates virtual town hall site for Area Plan feedback

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Planning and Development Department will launch a virtual town hall website on March 28 that aims to increase public participation in its three upcoming area plans.

This innovative website,, invites interested individuals to submit practical, creative and resourceful ideas that improve upon the upcoming Truman Plaza, Gashland/Nashua and Little Blue Valley Area Plans.

The virtual town hall is powered by MindMixer, an innovative web platform that allows the public to generate ideas, help others evolve their ideas and ultimately support their favorite ideas.

“This is a great opportunity for the public to utilize this web-based participation format that will hopefully increase involvement and outreach within the community,” said Tom Coyle, director of the City Planning and Development Department. “Adding an online component will allow interested parties to make their voices heard when they cannot attend the public meetings or think of an idea and want to share it immediately.”

The site will open first for the Truman Plaza Area Plan and seeks ideas in five areas:

    • Land Use

    • Transportation and Infrastructure

    • Economic Development

    • Housing and Neighborhoods

    • Urban Design and Community Character

Truman Plaza, Gashland/Nashua and Little Blue Valley are three of 18 geographical regions in Kansas City, Mo. To view a detailed map of these regions, along with any of the other 18 regions, please visit

Anyone interested in submitting project ideas can do so from March 28 until April 29 at Users can suggest an unlimited number of ideas and can improve upon other ideas proposed. Users must be 14 years of age or older to submit a project idea.

Individuals who submit ideas to will receive “community points” and those with the most points will be recognized at the conclusion of the project. Additionally, the City’s project team will incorporate the best and most practical ideas into the final plan document.

For more information about MindMixer, visit To register on the site, go to

For media inquiries or more information, please contact Jade Liska, division manager of Citywide Planning at 816-513-2828 or


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