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City offers tips to keep pets safe

Kansas City Missouri Animal Health and Public Safety and Spay & Neuter Kansas City are offering residents tips to help keep pets safe from abduction. In addition to having a current photo of a pet on-hand and keeping microchip information and identification tags up-to-date, owners should use the following guidelines:

- Secure the yard, fence, and gates

- Avoid leaving a dog outside when you are not around

- Never leave a dog unattended. (It takes only a moment to untie him and lead him off)

- Be aware, and make sure neighbors are aware, of the problem of pet theft

- Let neighbors know if you are expecting people on your property, when you are not around

- Never allow a dog to roam free in the neighborhood

- Spaying and neutering a pet deters the pet from roaming

- Never leave a pet unattended in a car

- Always make sure a pet wears a collar with ID tags

- Contact a veterinarian about implanting a microchip for identification

- Keep recent photos of pets, taken from different angles, that clearly show coat type and coloring, close-ups of the face and any exceptional physical characteristics

- Keep all your proof-of-ownership papers in one place to prove ownership

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser urges city residents to take the guidelines seriously. "Dogs, like cats and many other family pets, offer us companionship, security, service and fun," Mayor Funkhouser said. "We owe it to them, in turn, to keep them safe and healthy. To treat them, as they often are, as Maria the Poodle is in our home, as key members of the family."

While losing a pet can be traumatic for the entire family, mistreating a pet is against the law and carries a severe penalty. During hot summer months, owners are required to provide adequate shelter and shade for pets. If animals are found outside without adequate shelter and shade from the elements, owners will be cited for animal cruelty. This offense carries a minimum fine of $250 and a maximum fine of $500 with 180 days in jail. If a pet owner cannot immediately bring an animal inside or take the animal to a place of safety during the hot summer months, the animal will be impounded.

Extreme hot temperature advice

- Keep pets inside.

- Limit pets outside time for bathroom breaks during extreme hot temperatures

- Never leave a pet alone in a vehicle, as vehicles get very hot quickly

- Increase food and water supplies for pets that spend time playing outside

To report animal cruelty or any other animal related issues contact the City’s 3-1-1 Action Center, by dialing 311 or 816-513-1313. After hours and weekends, please call 911. If you suspect your dog has been stolen or to report suspicious activity, please call the police.

Media inquiries about this issue should be directed to David Park, acting director, neighborhood and Community Services Department, 816-513-3231.


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