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Additional red-light safety cameras go live May 22

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Public Works Department today announced that work is nearly complete at three intersections where red-light safety cameras are scheduled to begin operation May 22. The new installations are at the intersections of: U.S. Highway 71 and 55th Street, U.S. Highway 71 and 59th Street, and U.S. Highway 71 and Gregory Boulevard.

As additional intersections are added to the Red-Light Safety Camera Program, the public will be notified prior to each intersection activation. Active Red-Light Safety Camera locations are listed at

Prior to inclusion in the safety program, intersections are evaluated. During the evaluation process, a registered traffic engineer makes certain that the intersection meets or exceeds the Federal Highway Administration’s recommended countermeasures to reduce red-light running. Only after all recommended countermeasures are in place does the City consider an intersection a candidate for a red-light safety camera system.

Red-light camera systems have proven effective in reducing the incidence of red-light running. Across the nation, more than 200 cities use photo enforcement technology as a traffic safety tool.

The City contracts with American Traffic Solutions Inc., to administer its red-light safety program. The company serves more than 130 communities across the U.S. with photo enforcement programs and is the largest provider of red-light camera systems in Missouri, serving St. Louis and 22 other communities throughout the state.

Media inquiries about installations and technical aspects of Kansas City’s Red-Light Camera Safety Program should be directed to Dennis Gagnon, public information officer for the Public Works Department, (816) 513-2659.

Media inquiries about enforcement of red light running laws and the review process for red-light safety camera violations should be directed to the Kansas City Police Department’s Media Unit, (816) 234-5170.

Media inquiries about American Traffic Solutions Inc., should be directed to Josh Weiss, director of Communications and Public Affairs, (480)-596-4613 or

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