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Council committee initiative to examine anti-violence measures

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Public Safety and Neighborhood Committee today passed committee substitute No. 080937, which directs the city manager to implement the Community Justice Resource Inventory, a comprehensive strategy to assess current anti-violence initiatives. The full City Council will consider the Community Justice Resource Inventory measure Sept. 18.

The ordinance also includes refined recommendations for the 2006 Commission on Violent Crime Final Report, which created Aim4Peace: The Movement to Stop the Shooting, a multi-phase community outreach and mobilization approach.

“The Community Justice Resource Inventory is a critical anti-violence step,” said Councilwoman Cathy Jolly, 6th District at large. “It will answer the key questions about what services or strategies are in place to prevent, intervene and suppress violence and gang-related activity in the city.”

The Community Justice Resource Inventory is an essential component of the Public Safety and Neighborhood Committee’s plan of action to prevent and intervene in the cycle of violence by assessing public health and safety initiatives and to better coordinate the citywide response and allocation of resources.

“By evaluating community and neighborhood associations and group profiles, including program purpose, target population, service area, funding source and anti-violence focus, the City will know what comprehensive resources are available to provide employment, education, counseling, mentoring, recreation and social services,” said City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen.

For more information, contact Cathy Jolly, chairwoman of the Public Safety and Neighborhood Committee at (816) 513-1602, or Tracie McClendon-Cole, program coordinator for the Community Justice Program of the City Manager's Office at (816) 513-7917.

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