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City suspends liquor license of Barcelona Banquet Hall

Violations result in two-day suspension

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Regulated Industries Division and the management of Barcelona Banquet Hall have agreed to a voluntary, two-day suspension of the establishment's liquor license. Barcelona Banquet Hall is at 3053 Southwest Blvd.

This suspension resulted from multiple violations of City ordinances on June 15. The suspension will start June 27 at 6 a.m. and will end June 29 at 3 a.m. As a condition of the suspension, the management has agreed to provide education, training and instruction to employees about City ordinances.

"As part of my discussion with the management of Barcelona Banquet Hall, they have been informed that future ordinance violations could result in the revocation of the establishment's liquor license," said Gary Majors, manager of the Regulated Industries Division of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department.

The Regulated Industries Division cited Barcelona Banquet Hall with violations of these sections of the City ordinance:

• Sec. 10-34 – Inspection of licensed premises; impoundment of unlawful articles
o (a) The director [of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department] or his authorized agents, or any member of the Police Department, shall have the right, at any reasonable time, to inspect, and the licensee shall allow inspection, of any licensed premises and all portions of the buildings thereof, including all rooms, cellars, outbuildings, passageways, closets, vaults, yards and attics and all buildings used in connection with the operations carried on under the license and which are in the possession, or control of the licensee, and all places where licensee may keep or store liquor, and to seize any and all objects which may appear to be in violation of any provisions of this chapter and hold in custody the objects as evidence until any matter pertaining thereto is finally adjudicated. The adjudication of a violation will include the determination of whether the object seized under this chapter is contraband. Upon the seizure, a receipt shall be given and, upon demand, if not forfeited, objects shall be returned to their lawful owner after the matter is finally adjudicated unless the objects are found to be contraband. Other than contraband, objects not claimed by their lawful owner within 90 days after final adjudication shall be deemed forfeited.

• Section 10-342 -- No sales-by-drink licensee, nor employee of the licensee, shall permit a person under 21 years of age to enter or remain upon the licensed premises.

• Section 10-36(a)(1) -- A licensee or permittee under this chapter has not at all times maintained an orderly place.

Media inquiries about this issue should be directed to Teresa L. Clark, public information officer for the Neighborhood and Community Services Department, (816) 513-3247.

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