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Public Works uses data, community feedback to enhance pedestrian, motorist safety

Crews will restore 10 traffic signals, transition 20 signals to stop signs

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Public Works Department is pleased to announce that it has made many enhancements to several City traffic signals, intersections and crosswalks, ensuring the safety of both pedestrians and motorists alike.

Public Works employees have extensively reviewed federal traffic engineering studies and, with the City Council, listened to community feedback regarding 37 traffic signals that transitioned to stop signs or flashing lights last October. Thanks to input from the community and City Council, Public Works staff restored six signals to operation in June and will restore an additional 10 traffic signals on Wednesday, Aug. 7, the week before most area schools start. One additional traffic signal near the state line may also be restored, pending negotiations with Mission Hills, Kan. The remaining 20 signals will transition to permanent stop signs or pedestrian-actuated controls on Aug. 7.

“While federal traffic engineering studies labeled unwarranted traffic signals based on traffic and pedestrian counts and accident data, resident and school feedback added an additional perspective,” said Public Works Director Sherri McIntyre. “Residents in an affected community have insights about subjective traffic concerns that the data alone might not show, and the City has taken that valuable feedback very seriously.”

To further improve safety, Public Works crews have added new crosswalks or repainted crosswalk stripes this summer at every intersection that transitioned to stop signs. Crews are also adding crosswalk signs and flashing light stop signs to the most frequently-traveled intersections that will complete the transition to stop signs. Overhead warning beacons may also be added at locations that need additional visibility.

Public Works staff will continue to work with area schools to develop a crosswalk safety education component at locations as requested.

Staff will present additional public outreach and resident engagement opportunities as they continue to review federal traffic engineering studies citywide.

“Data shows that eliminating certain stoplights will result in cleaner air and save the city money that would have been spent on repairing outdated signals,” McIntyre said. “The lessons learned from this first round of signal changes will be used as we move forward.”

The City has displayed signage at the additional 10 intersections returning to traffic signals that thanks the public for its input and acknowledges that the City listened and has responded. It will also inform residents that Aug. 7 is the transition day from stop signs back to traffic signal operations.

Public Works crews will restore traffic signals at the following intersections:

    Benton Boulevard and 27th Street

    Benton Boulevard and 39th Street

    Cleveland Avenue and 43rd Street

    Indiana Avenue and 39th Street

    St. John Avenue and Topping Avenue

    The Paseo and 55th Street

    The Paseo and 59th Street

    Armour Boulevard and Warwick Boulevard

    Meyer Boulevard and Oak Street

    Gregory Boulevard and Main Street

Signals at Linwood Boulevard and Cleveland Avenue; Benton Boulevard/Walrond and Linwood Boulevard; Linwood Boulevard and Jackson Avenue; 35th Street and Indiana Avenue; 35th Street and Benton Boulevard; and 18th Street and Woodland Avenue were reactivated in mid-June. The signal at State Line Road and 63rd Terrace is currently deactivated pending negotiations with the city of Mission Hills, Kan.

Public Works crews will complete the transition of traffic signals to permanent stop signs, four-way overhead flashing lights or pedestrian-actuated controls at the following intersections:

    • 12th Street and Bennington Avenue

    • 18th Street and Brooklyn Avenue

    • 27th Street and Brooklyn Avenue

    • 39th Street and Brooklyn Avenue

    • 12th Street and Jackson/Spruce avenues

    • Monitor Place and Avenida Cesar Chavez

    • 27th Street and Cleveland Avenue

    • 39th Street and Cleveland Avenue

    • 24th Street and Hardesty Avenue

    • 27th Street and Jackson Avenue

    • St. John Avenue and Belmont Boulevard

    • St. John Avenue and Hardesty Avenue

    • St. John Avenue and Van Brunt Boulevard

    • St. John Avenue and North Quincy Avenue

    • Brush Creek Boulevard and Gillham Road

    • Meyer Boulevard and Main Street

    • 109th Street and

    • Wornall Road

    • Armour Boulevard and Holmes Road

    • 59th Street and Wornall Road

    • 51st Street and Oak Street


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