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Registration of outdoor advertising signs due April 8

All owners of outdoor advertising signs located in Kansas City, Mo., must establish registration of their signs with the City of Kansas City, Mo., City Planning and Development Department by Monday, April 8, 2013. Online registration is available at

Registration of outdoor advertising signs became part of the City’s Zoning and Development Code on Dec 13, 2012 when Chapter 88 was amended by enacting Subsection 88-445-14-B-8. This subsection provides for the registration of outdoor advertising signs and requires owners of new outdoor advertising signs to register each sign within 30 days of its installation. Owners of existing signs have until April 8 to register.

An “outdoor advertising sign” is considered any sign that directs attention to a business, commodity, service, activity or product that is conducted, sold or offered off of the premises from where the sign is located.

Owners may register outdoor advertising signs without incurring a violation and penalty now through April 8. Penalties are determined by the Municipal Court on a case by case basis.The range of penalties is outlined in Section 88-615-05-J of the Zoning and Development Code.

For more information about the Outdoor Advertising Sign Registry requirements, see Sec. 88-445-14-B-8 at or contact the Investigations Division of the City Planning and Development Department at 816-513-1500.

Media inquiries about this issue should be directed to Wilson Winn, division manager of the Investigations Division, at 816-513-1577.


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