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City provides clarification on ambulance response audit

The City of Kansas City, Mo., in response to recent news reports concerning the Office of the City Auditor’s Ambulance Response Time Reporting performance audit, seeks to provide clarification regarding the condition of local ambulance service and requests that media outlets consider providing clarification to their audiences should filed stories not correspond with the following.

The audit firmly establishes that there has been no decrease in response time attributable to the EMS consolidation of April 2010.

The audit notes that in December of 2011, due to a change in policy by the body charged by ordinance to oversee the City’s EMS system, call-processing time increased by a median of approximately one minute. This increase in call processing time is not related to the EMS consolidation of April 2010 and is not to be confused with response times.

The change in call processing was a considered policy decision to fully implement the call processing standards of the Medical Priority Dispatch System. This system, developed and under constant refinement by the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch, is the industry standard for EMS dispatching and is used in most jurisdictions in the United States. Its intent is to ensure that EMS agencies are able to accurately discern the caller’s problem and get the right combination of resources to the scene as efficiently and effectively as possible.

KCFD agrees with each recommendation of the audit, and even though ambulance response times are equal to or slightly improved under the current management, KCFD continues to strive for efficiencies in call processing and resource deployment.

Media inquiries should be directed to Battalion Chief James Garrett at 816-799-7575.


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