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EnergyWorks KC deconstructs homes in Green Impact Zone to improve energy efficiency

EnergyWorks KC (EWKC) will use the process of deconstruction to remove up to 20 blighted homes in Kansas City, Mo.’s Green Impact Zone this summer.

EnergyWorks KC, an energy efficiency program managed by the City of Kansas City, Mo.’s Office of Environmental Quality, is collaborating with the Green Impact Zone, a neighborhood transformation initiative managed by Mid-America Regional Council, to put trainees that completed an April 2011 deconstruction training course to work.

“These trainees learned valuable skills that will enable them to repurpose materials and help restore our neighborhoods,” said Jenifer Degen, EWKC contract manager.

Through this project, EnergyWorks KC seeks to divert materials previously categorized as “waste” from landfills and thus preserve our country’s resources. The process of deconstruction salvages and recycles materials such as doors, sinks, windows, lumber, plywood and other building components that retain value.

“The homes selected to be deconstructed were chosen directly from the City of Kansas City, Mo.’s Dangerous Buildings list. Materials will be weighed and tracked to determine the tonnage saved, and a concerted effort will be made to reuse and then recycle as many items as possible before sending the remaining materials to the landfill,” Degen said.

This month, the City of Kansas City, Mo., will issue a bid by the procurement office, to be posted on the City’s Plan Room. All interested contractors are invited to bid. Note that Davis Bacon wages will apply to this project.

The emphasis of the EnergyWorks KC program is to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings throughout Kansas City, Mo. Other program components include water conservation education, regional energy efficiency education, creation of a small business incubator, neighborhood energy efficiency projects, workforce development and job creation.

Media inquiries regarding EnergyWorks KC, should be directed to Danielle Baulckim, EnergyWorks KC marketing coordinator, at 816-513-3473 or, or visit

About EWKC:EnergyWorks KC is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant provided by the U.S. Department of Energy. Its goal is to complete 2,000 conversions by April 2013.


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