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City mowing operations are under way

The growing season is in full swing and the City of Kansas City, Mo., has begun its scheduled mowing and cleaning of more than 3,500 acres of property across the City. Mowing operations will continue through the end of the growing season in October.

Scheduled mowing operations will take place at City-owned properties, including right-of-ways, boulevards and parkways, parks, building grounds and City-owned vacant lots. Frequency of mowing depends on the area. A general guide to frequency for the mowing season is:

Urban right-of-ways - Five to 10 times

Boulevards and parkways - 17 times

Parks - 14 times

Building grounds - 20 to 28 times

City-owned vacant lots - Five to six times

Through an agreement with the Land Trust of Jackson County, the City also performs maintenance on approximately 900 lots owned by Land Trust due to nonpayment of property taxes. Land Trust lots are scheduled to be mowed and cleaned of illegally dumped trash six times during the growing season.

The City also will mow and clean private properties in violation of city code if the code enforcement process does not result in abatement by the property owner. Non-compliant property owners will be assessed for maintenance costs and be subject to a $100 administrative fee.

Questions regarding City mowing programs should be directed to the 3-1-1 Action Center, at (816) 513-1313.

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