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City begins nuisance code violation cleanup

In a continuing effort to improve service delivery for residents, improve neighborhood livability and reduce crime and blight, the City of Kansas City, Mo., Neighborhood and Community Services Department has issued its first round of nuisance abatement contracts to clean up properties in violation of City code.

As part of an aggressive enforcement policy, 278 properties in violation of City public nuisance ordinances will be mowed, have trash removed and vehicles towed within the next 10 days. Many properties have work crews currently performing this work.

Each property in violation of code will be assessed a $100 administrative fine for the violation and have an estimated average of $300 assessed against their property for costs associated with cleanup work.

Property owners can easily avoid fines by ensuring their property conforms to City codes. Property owners are encouraged to comply with notices they receive from the City about public nuisance issues and to contact the inspector listed on the notice.

To report public nuisances such as tall grass, trash, junk and inoperable vehicles, residents should contact the 3-1-1 Action Center at 3-1-1 or (816) 513-1313.

For more information, contact the Neighborhood Preservation Division, Neighborhood and Community Services Department, at 513-9010.

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