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City urges vigilance during holiday travel season

The City of Kansas City, Mo. Health Department cautions residents, workers and business owners to remain alert to activities that could put them and their neighbors at risk. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Sector Council, recently expanded their “If You See Something, Say SomethingTM” campaign, providing safety tips for businesses and patrons in preparation for the holiday travel season.

“It is important to remember that each of us plays a part in keeping our community safe and secure,” said Clyde Bolton, Deputy Director of the City’s Health Department. “Over the past few months, business owners and residents have been very helpful in alerting officials about several instances of suspicious behavior, such as the phone scams and the inappropriate door to door meat sales.”

The campaign’s security and safety tips include watching for the following situations:

    • Someone taking notes, drawings, photos or videos of a business without the owner’s consent

    • Someone attempting to gain information in person or by phone or e-mail about business operations, especially about security measures and personnel

    • Unauthorized people trying to gain access to restricted areas

    • Theft of employee uniforms, badges or packaging labels

    • Unattended vehicles illegally parked near a business

    • Unknown, unattended items like backpacks or boxes left within or near a business

    • Open bulk containers or packages for retail sale show evidence of tampering

The campaign also urges residents, workers and business owners to:

    • Notify the management of the business if you see something suspicious

    • Keep open containers of food or ingredients in an appropriate food preparation area

    • Control access to food storage and preparation areas, including loading docks

    • Keep doors locked as appropriate

    • Monitor self-service areas like salad bars and condiment areas for evidence of tampering

    • Conduct employee background checks

    • Train employees on procedures for reporting suspicious activities

    • Contact local authorities, including police, FBI or your local Health Department, to report suspicious activity; in an emergency situation, dial 911.

For more information on the campaign, visit the Homeland Security website, For safety tips and information on Health Department programs, visit the Health Department website,

Media inquiries about this topic should be directed to Jeff Hershberger, public information officer for the Health Department, 816-840-2548 (pager). Follow the Health Department on Facebook and Twitter, and

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