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City comments on Chain of Hope

Acting on concerns from the neighborhood, City of Kansas City, Mo., officials investigated possible animal control and zoning violations at the offices of Chain of Hope, an organization that provides various services for pet owners and their pets.

Chain of Hope applied for a permit to operate a kennel at their location, which is a single family house in a residential neighborhood. The permit would allow them to have up to a total of 10 dogs or cats, or a combination of 10 dogs and cats, that are over the age of 180 days. There is no limit on the number of dogs or cats under the age of 180 days. These permits are available for residents of single family homes located in residential areas. Neighbors within 150 feet must provide their consent for the permit to be issued.

Chain of Hope was unable to obtain the required consent of neighbors so a permit was not issued. They were asked to not exceed the number of four adult dogs or cats, which is the regular limit without a permit.

During a recent inspection, it was discovered that Chain of Hope may have exceeded the allowable number of animals and tickets were issued. A couple of dogs were alleged to be under the age at which they would be considered adult dogs to be counted toward the total number present. The tickets will be dismissed if documentation is provided to show the dogs are young enough to be excluded from the count.

It was also discovered that the home was being used exclusively for the operations of Chain of Hope, not as a residence. This placed the operation in violation of the zoning code. A notice has been issued to advise them of the violation.

Chain of Hope provides valued services to residents and strives to improve the care of their pets. As a result, many supporters have called and written asking the City to allow Chain of Hope to continue operating from their current location. The City values the services provided by Chain of Hope, but also has the responsibility of preserving the residential nature of the neighborhood for the residents who live there. Staff of Neighborhood and Community Services will support efforts to identify a suitable location for Chain of Hope to establish their animal rescue and kennel operation.

Media inquiries regarding animal permit requirements should be directed to David Park, director of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department, at 816-513-3231. Media inquiries regarding zoning violations should be directed to Tom Coyle, director of the City Planning and Development Department, at 816-513-2865.


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