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Rental program begins second registration cycle

Renewal required for current registrations

All owners of occupied rental dwellings located in Kansas City, Mo., must register their properties with the City's Neighborhood and Community Services Department. This registration is the result of the passage of ordinance No. 071046 in October 2007, which created the Rental Registration and Inspection Program. Registration is required on a calendar-year basis and it expires each Dec. 31, which means that owners of rental dwellings must submit renewal paperwork annually. Renewal forms were mailed starting Dec. 8 to property owners who previously had registered their properties.

"The Rental Registration and Inspection Program is part of an effort to more actively monitor rental properties and improve our neighborhoods for all residents. Feedback we have received from residents indicates that this program was wanted and needed in Kansas City, Mo.," said Daniel Schmelzinger, property conservation manager.

Registration and registration renewal may be done in December and January without incurring a fine. Failure to register a rental dwelling before the Jan. 31 deadline will result in the issuance of a $50 fine. For each month (or portion thereof) that a rental dwelling is not registered, an additional $50 fine will be assessed. For example, a rental property not registered until August will be assessed a fine of $350.

The following information provides answers to some of the most common questions the Neighborhood Preservation Division staff has answered about the program:

-- This registration program applies only to dwellings, not commercial properties.

-- For the purposes of this program, a rental dwelling is defined as a space that contains a living area or rooming unit that is being offered for rent or is being rented or occupied by any person who is not the owner of the premises. However, property occupied by a child, grandchild, mother, father, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law or grandparent of the owner is not considered rental property. In addition, duplex dwellings in which one of the units is owner-occupied are not considered rental dwellings for the purposes of this program.

-- Registration of properties is required even if the property owner lives in the metropolitan area.

Applications are available at that can be printed and submitted by mail or in person. Applications are available at the Neighborhood Preservation Division office at 4900 Swope Parkway and at City Hall at 414 E. 12th St. on the fourth floor from the Neighborhood and Community Services Department.

For more information about the Rental Registration and Inspection Program, visit or call the Neighborhood Preservation Division, (816) 513-9010.

Media inquiries about this issue should be directed to Teresa L. Clark, public information officer for the Neighborhood and Community Services Department, (816) 513-3247.

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