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City releases audit on overtime

Overtime for City of Kansas City, Mo., employees has increased significantly over the last three years according to a report released today by the City Auditor’s Office. The audit focuses on the analysis of overtime trends, drivers of overtime and the effectiveness of City practices used to manage overtime. It does not include overtime in the Police Department.

The audit found that overtime increased from about 385,000 to 574,000 hours from fiscal year 2010 to 2013. About 86 percent of the total overtime hours worked from fiscal year 2010 through 2013 were attributed to the Fire, Water Services, Aviation and Public Works departments.

The audit determined several drivers of overtime. Overtime provisions in the Code of Ordinances and collective bargaining agreements with the City’s unions exceed what federal law requires. In addition, the Fire Department pays overtime in some situations not required by City code or the collective bargaining agreements. Minimum staffing requirements and emergency situations like snow removal and water main breaks also drive overtime hours. The audit also concluded that some of the City’s overtime rules and practices are not applied consistently.

The audit includes recommendations to improve the sustainability of the City’s finances; implement consistent overtime practices and tools to better manage overtime; and develop policies and procedures and provide training to ensure overtime rules are applied accurately and consistently. Management agreed with the recommendations.

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