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City adds back-in angle parking spaces

As part of the City of Kansas City, Mo.’s mission to become more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly, back-in angle parking will be implemented in some areas of the City, beginning with McGee Street between 17th and 20th streets.

This parking style works similarly to parallel parking, but is easier to maneuver. Drivers signal a right turn, pull past the parking spot, put their car into reverse and then back into the space.

Several U.S. municipalities already use this style of parking, which may be safer than traditional-angle parking and parallel parking. Benefits of back-in angle parking include:

Better visibility. When exiting a spot, drivers can see oncoming traffic, even if parked next to large SUVs or vehicles with tinted windows.

Improved safety for children: A vehicle’s doors direct children to the sidewalk, instead of the street.

Safer loading and unloading: A vehicle’s trunk lines up with the sidewalk, making loading and unloading a vehicle easier.

Increased space: Back-in angle parking does not require as much space as traditional angle parking or parallel parking, which results in more parking spaces and additional room for sidewalks.

As with anything new, drivers will have to get used to back-in angle parking. However, it is easier than parallel parking and safer than blindly backing out into traffic. There will be signs posted to alert drivers of this new parking style.

There will be a ribbon cutting Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 2 p.m. at the 1700 block of McGee Street to recognize the City’s first completed back-in angle parking spots. Demonstrations of this parking style will take place as well.

For more information or media inquiries about back-in angle parking, please contact Deb Ridgway, Public Works Department, 816-513-2592.


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