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Construction to begin on the site of the new East Patrol Division Station and Crime Lab Campus; Groundbreaking unites officials and community

A groundbreaking event was conducted today to recognize the official start of site construction for the new East Patrol Division Station and Crime Lab Campus, which will not only provide modern facilities for police officers and give police more tools to investigate crime, but will be an unprecedented investment in Kansas City’s Third Council District. The event was at the site of the future East Campus facilities, the boundaries for which are Prospect Avenue on the east, Brooklyn Avenue on the west, 26th Street on the north, and 27th Street on the south.

Site construction will soon begin on this $74 million project, which is scheduled for completion by Winter 2015-2016. The East Campus is being built with the Public Safety Sales Tax approved by Kansas City voters in 2002 and renewed in 2010.

“This new East Campus will feature a police division station, a state-of-the-art crime lab, and a property and evidence depository, and these new facilities will replace our outdated buildings,” said Police Chief Darryl Forte´. “Built in 1949 as the Police Department’s FM radio station, the current East Patrol building has many structural issues and is too small for community needs. The current Crime Lab is housed in a former pharmaceutical lab, has security and fire suppression issues, and is far too small for the employees and caseload, according to national accreditation standards.”

Kansas City Mayor Sylvester “Sly” James led the speakers at today’s groundbreaking.

“The new East Patrol Station will be accessible to the community by foot, car and public transit, and it will accommodate the present and future needs of the East Patrol Division, and the new building also will include a computer lab and community conference room for public use,” Mayor James said.

“The new Crime Lab will be much larger and designed specifically for Kansas City’s needs. The larger space will allow for more employees, who in turn can process evidence more quickly.”

Designed by Helix Architecture + Design in association with Wellner Architects, with construction managed by JE Dunn / Alexander Mechanical, A Joint Venture, the East Campus project is governed by HUD Section 3 guidelines, meaning that to the greatest extent possible, it is providing job and contract opportunities to low-income residents and businesses in the community. Nearly two dozen minority, women, or Section 3 businesses were included in the design phase. Additional low-income and small business contractors will assist with the construction phase.

“For too long, Prospect Avenue has carried with it a negative connotation to the citizens of Kansas City. Now, because of the strategic investment of the East Patrol Division Station and Crime Lab Campus project, we will begin to change this negative perception,” Third District Councilmember Jermaine Reed said. “This project will provide area beautification, increased resources for public safety and economic benefits to the surrounding community.”

Third District at-Large Councilmember Melba Curls said there will be construction workers in the area for the two years the project is underway.

“The City of Kansas City, Missouri, is working with HUD to be sure low-income residents and businesses benefit from the East Campus. The project is being leveraged to spark training and employment opportunities for low-income workers, and the project is governed by HUD Section 3 guidelines,” Councilmember Curls said. “The project team is working collectively with neighborhood leaders to identify opportunities for development and improvements in the area surrounding the East Campus.”

Speakers at the event included Chief Darryl Forte', Mayor Sylvester “Sly” James, Councilmember John A. Sharp (Sixth District), Councilmember Melba Curls (Third District at-Large), a member of one of the families affected by the East Campus site acquisition process, KCPD Board of Police Commissioners President Alvin Brooks, and Councilmember Jermaine Reed (Third District).

The City’s Architecture Division in the General Services Department is managing the completion of this project in collaboration with the KCPD Capital Improvements Unit. For more information about this project, and other capital improvement projects for the Kansas City Police Department, please visit the website at


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