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Grassroots recycling education makes a difference

After Barb Bailey was trained to be a volunteer speaker to promote the City’s new curbside recycling program, she became determined to make sure her neighborhood would be among the best informed in the city.

A longtime resident of the Westside, Bailey is the president of the Sacred Heart Homes Association and attended a volunteer speaker workshop offered by Bridging the Gap to promote grassroots involvement in the City’s curbside recycling program.

The fourth and final phase of the program will begin in Bailey’s neighborhood and nearly 150 other neighborhoods Dec. 1. This last phase is the largest of the four phases and generally includes the northernmost, southernmost and easternmost areas of the city, and much of the urban core.

Bailey organized a series of six meetings in her neighborhood, and created, copied and distributed 150 fliers for each one. At each meeting, she had a Spanish-speaking translator present, and gave away two recycling bins she had purchased with her own money as door prizes.

Bailey is providing one-on-one tutorials for seven particularly skeptical households to show them that it is possible to cut the number of garbage bags they currently use down to two by recycling. The City only will pick up two untagged bags of trash each week as part of the new recycling program. Each extra bag requires a $1 tag. To help these households see the benefits of recycling, Bailey has been picking up and taking their recyclables to a drop-off center every week.

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