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Pier test to be performed on Sprint Center site

Downtown residents and workers may hear a loud booming noise Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon coming from the Sprint Center site.

A statnamic load test of two piers recently installed at the Sprint Center site will occur at those times to check the structural quality and weight-bearing capacity of the center’s foundation before the permanent foundation is installed. Traffic is not expected to be impacted as a result of this work and the test should only create sound discharges and not vibrations. The City of Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department will be present as a precautionary measure.

The statnamic load test has been developed to meet the construction industry's demand for an accurate and cost effective method of determining the load bearing capacity of high capacity piers. In statnamic testing, solid fuel is burnt within a pressure chamber. As the pressure increases, an upward force is exerted on a set of reaction masses while an equal and opposite force pushes downward on the pile. Loading increases to a maximum before unloading by a controlled venting of the pressure. The load and displacement is then recorded through a built-in instrumentation system. This form of pier testing is a very common practice on projects of this scope and scale, especially in urban areas.

The statnamic testing will be performed by Hayes Drilling, which is a subcontractor to M.A. Mortenson Company. M.A. Mortenson Company is the construction manager/general contractor at risk for the Sprint Center project. Hayes Drilling has performed similar load tests for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of New York City and its headquarters is in Olathe, Kan.

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