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Councilwoman Cindy Circo announces Kansas City as

EPA Brownfields Grant recipient

The City of Kansas City, Mo. received word today from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it is one of 23 cities to be awarded the $175,000 Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Pilot Program grant.

The City will use the funds to focus on the Municipal Farm property in the 5th District’s Eastwood Hills neighborhood. The property occupies 327 acres and has a population of 7,053 residents, which makes up approximately 30 percent of the neighborhood. It encompasses several municipal institutional sites that have either known or perceived environmental risks.

Eastwood Hills has a population, median housing value and median income declining faster than the city as a whole. Fifth District councilmembers and City staff began meetings and discussions with the Eastwood Hills community about the Municipal Farm properties and planning for sustainable reuses in 2009. The Brownfields Area-Wide Plan will determine the suitability for a community garden in the project area, identify infrastructure and economic development strategies for the Brownfields, and determine the types of land use that best meet community needs. Development of the Plan is expected to help leverage resources for the assessment, cleanup and reuse of Brownfields, which will provide new jobs and help meet the needs of disadvantaged residents.

“I am extremely excited that the hard work of the City Planning and Development staff and the Eastwood Hills residents has paid off. These funds will provide for an in-depth study of the former Municipal Jail and Municipal Farm property, preparing the land for community gardens and future projects sooner than anticipated,” said Councilwoman Cindy Circo, 5th District at-Large.

For more information, please contact Councilwoman Circo’s Office at 816-513-1633, Gerald Williams at 816-513-2897 or Andrew Bracker at 816-513-3002 of the City Planning and Development Department.


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