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New program will help collect fines due from Kansas residents

In an effort to more efficiently pursue people who owe the City of Kansas City, Mo., outstanding fines, City officials have entered into an agreement with the State of Kansas that will expedite its collection efforts from Kansas residents.

In this new effort, the City will send the State of Kansas the Social Security Numbers of Kansas residents who have outstanding fines due. The amount of the fine will be withheld from outgoing checks (for example, income tax refund checks) issued by the state.

It is estimated that 30 percent of the people who owe the City delinquent parking fines are from Kansas. This is anticipated to be the most effective mechanism for pursuing Kansas residents to which the City has had access.

The City will be the first government entity outside of the state of Kansas to participate in this program.

“This initiative is part of the City's comprehensive approach to aggressively collecting funds due to the City from all citizens, including those outside our City limits,” City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen said.

Previous efforts to collect outstanding fines include the October 2003 amnesty program, and the show “Municipal Court's Most Wanted” which is cablecast on KCCG-TV2, the City Government Channel, and available on the City’s Web site (

“We will continue to look for ways to collect the revenue from outstanding fines that is rightfully owed to the City,” Councilman Alvin Brooks, 6th District-at-Large, said. “In these difficult times, every penny counts,” Brooks added.

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