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Revision of Zoning and Subdivision Regulations supports development

In an effort to further support sustainable urban revitalization and development, the City Planning and Development Department will revise the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations for Kansas City. These regulations govern the development process, establish appropriate land use and ensure quality development.

The Zoning and Subdivision Regulations impact property owners, neighborhoods, and all residents of Kansas City, Mo. Because of the importance of these regulations, the City will solicit input from a wide range of stakeholders and will conduct a public participation process to include as many people as possible.

"I feel that public participation is important because we don’t want to do this in a vacuum. We want to make certain it’s a win-win situation, not just for the City, but for all of the people that are going to be dealing with the new regulations," said City Manager Wayne Cauthen.

The process will take four years to complete and require significant participation from the City Planning and Development Department, Law Department, Public Works Department, Department of Codes Administration, Parks and Recreation Department, and Water Services Department. A consultant team will be selected and directed by City staff and a steering committee of business and neighborhood leaders.

Additional staff support in the City Planning and Development Department will be needed to coordinate notices, meetings, research and documentation. An additional planner also will be added to maintain the current level of customer service and development application analysis expected by the development community, the City Plan Commission, the Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee, and citizens.

For more information about the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations process, contact Vicki Noteis, Director, City Planning and Development Department, (816) 513-2871; or Patty Noll, project manager, (816) 513-2864, or

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