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City to recognize Consular IDs

City Manager Wayne Cauthen has implemented an Administrative Regulation recognizing identification cards issued by the Mexican Consulate. The cards are used as a standard form of identification of Mexican Nationals living, working and visiting the United States. The Matricula Consular (consular identification cards) are used strictly for identification purposes and do not indicate the immigration status of cardholders.

The Administrative Regulation allows all City departments and agencies interacting with the public to accept the cards for identification purposes. The cards will include the person’s photograph, date of birth and local address. The City will accept consular identification cards provided by other foreign consulates as well.

The City believes that foreign nationals, regardless of their immigration status, must have verifiable identification in order to improve their contact with law enforcement and to provide them with the ability to carry out daily business activities.

The Kansas City, Mo., Police Department began accepting the cards as official identification in May. The consular identification cards are treated by law enforcement similarly to state-issued IDs but do not take the place of an official driver’s license.

The Administrative Regulation creates a uniformity of acceptance of the cards for identification purposes across all City departments and agencies for example, Airport Police, Health, Municipal Court and Neighborhood and Community Services.

Mexican Consulates throughout the United States are promoting the use and acceptance of the cards as a way of decreasing passport theft, and allowing foreigners access to services requiring photo identification. The consular identification cards also allow officials to better track and identify foreigners.

For information about obtaining or using the consular identification cards, call Fernando Gonzalez, Mexican Consulate, (816) 556-0800.

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