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City implements new process to speed small construction project delivery

In its ongoing effort to improve the City’s capital improvement project delivery system, the City has launched a new process to award construction contracts to pre-qualified firms for small construction projects. Small construction projects are those estimated to cost less than $300,000.

The City has set a submission date of Oct. 19 for firms to apply for pre-qualification. Firms may apply to the City for pre-qualification in designated categories of work in which they have expertise. Applicants must submit information regarding their firm, areas of expertise, ability to perform, and compliance with City contracting requirements. They must also sign a master services agreement. After review of the application, the City will notify firms as to the categories for which they have been pre-qualified.

The City will then establish pre-qualification lists, by categories of work from which to solicit bids. By having a pre-qualification list, valuable time can be saved from advertising and bidding, which will allow small construction projects to get underway faster.

Under this innovative process for small construction projects, the successful contractor’s bid submission is written in such a way it may be accepted and executed by the City. There will be no need to invest time in additional contract documents or lengthy execution processes. The contractor will submit required bonds within five days of the bid opening and a notice to proceed may be issued as soon as the City accepts and executes the bid documents. Previously, following bid opening, weeks were lost in preparing, mailing and executing separate agreement documents that were incorporated with the bid submittals.

“Time is a valuable resource when it comes to improving the City’s infrastructure. This process is designed to benefit not only residents of Kansas City but also the construction industry by eliminating unnecessary steps and moving projects through at an accelerated pace,” said City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen. “I will continue to push CIMO to find ways to reduce processing time for all construction projects.”

The City’s Capital Improvements Management Office initiated this effort, which was approved by a City ordinance. To learn more about the pre-qualification process and to view the complete list of the designated project categories, visit the Capital Improvements Management Office’s Web page ( The City’s Request for Qualifications can be accessed via the City’s Web site (www.

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