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City announces initiatives to enhance customer service

The City of Kansas City, Mo., reaffirmed its commitment to customer service during a press conference today, during which City staff and officials announced a series of five initiatives aimed at enhancing a culture of customer service.

“While this year’s Citizen Satisfaction Survey showed an improvement in customer service, we still have room to be even better,” said Sixth District at Large Councilman Scott Taylor. “The Special Committee on Small Business has been working with small businesses with reputations for good customer service to attain ideas and input to better provide customer service to our residents.”

Based on the recommendations from the Special Committee on Small Business, the City will implement or expand upon the following customer service initiatives:

1. Expanding the Secret Shopper program – The City’s existing Secret Shopper program will be expanded and recognize employees who provide excellent customer service. Using set criteria, each department will be “shopped” either by phone or in person by an internal or external customer. The results of its first round will be announced during Customer Service Week in October. The program is being administered by the City’s Human Resources Department.

2. Community charitable activities by City employees – In order to demonstrate to the community how employees’ commitment to public service extends beyond their daily job, the City is instituting a program that will allow employees to document their charitable activities.

To achieve this, the City is also amending its special leave time ordinance to allow employees up to eight hours paid leave to participate in charitable activities through organizations connected with the City Charitable Campaign. There is no additional cost associated with this legislation because this additional option is being added to an existing ordinance that provided employees with eight hours of paid time to participate in cooperatives with one of the area school districts.

3. Telephone greeting and closing – The City’s most important asset in setting the tone of its customer services efforts is in City employees’ daily telephone contact with residents and customers. To continue that spirit of professionalism, hospitality and service throughout the year, City employees will be provided with standardized, suggested telephone greetings and closings to use for all customer contacts and interactions. This will assure residents that they are treated in a consistent and courtesy manner.

4. Employee recognition. The City will continue its commitment to the Rich Noll Pacesetter Award Program, which monthly recognizes employees who provide excellent customer service. Pacesetter winners are recognized on Channel 2’s “The Weekly Report” program and will now also be acknowledged on Channel 2 billboards. The Special Committee on Small Business heard during testimony from small businesses with good customer service programs that recognition of employee performance was a key to their success.

5. Employee evaluations. The City evaluation forms have been modified to further emphasize customer service as one of the keys to an employee’s evaluation.

Media inquiries and other requests for more information should be directed to Katrina Foster, aide to Councilman Taylor, at 816-513-6523.


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