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City actions help reduce ozone-generating activities

Twelve City departments reported 1,344 actions taken to reduce ozone generating activities on Sept. 2, which was the first Ozone Alert Day of the 2004 ozone season.

“Due to actions taken by organizations and individuals through out the Kansas City area, and due to slightly cooler and breezier weather than had been forecasted, air quality in the Kansas City area remained in the acceptable range on Sept. 2,” said Larry Falkin, Department of Environmental Management.

The following is a breakdown of City department actions recorded from Sept. 2:

    Vehicle trips avoided or postponed – 118

    Vehicle refueling avoided or postponed – 362

    Hours of vehicle idling avoided – 354

    Alternative fuel vehicles used – 157

    Hours of avoided equipment use (mowers, chainsaws, etc.) – 160

    Commutes not made by car – 85

    Commutes moved to off-peak hours – 90

    Street work that would have required lane closures was postponed at five sites

    Outdoor cooking fires were banned at all City parks.

In addition, numerous unquantifiable actions were executed, including posting notices to alert employees to the ozone situation. Most City diesel equipment uses B20 biodiesel containing 20 percent soybean oil, which significantly reduces air emissions.

On April 21, City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen issued an Ozone Action Policy which required each City department to develop and implement an Ozone Action Plan to reduce ozone generating activities on Ozone Alert Days. The Department of Environmental Management was charged with coordinating

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