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KC Municipal Court eliminates $7 surcharge

The Municipal Court of Kansas City, Mo. will no longer assess a $7 surcharge for court costs to persons who are found guilty or plead guilty for civil and criminal offenses.

The $7 surcharge, which had been in effect since 2006, was used to finance the Municipal Court’s participation in a statewide court automation system operated by the Office of State Courts Administrator. When it became clear that the OSCA system was no longer meeting the needs of court staff or police officers, the City decided to discontinue its contract with OSCA. Without this contract, the authority under state statute to assess the $7 fee no longer exists.

By repealing section 2-1466 of the city’s Code of Ordinances, the City Council of the City of Kansas City, Mo. officially eliminated the surcharge.

Because monies collected from the $7 surcharge were paid directly to the Missouri Director of Revenue, the elimination of this fee will have no direct impact on the City’s budget.

In place of the OSCA automation system, the City of Kansas City, Mo. and the Kansas City Police Department are contracting with the Regional Justice Information System, a St. Louis-based company that provides technologies to help law enforcement agencies, courts, and other government entities to improve efficiencies and performance. When the REJIS system is activated in 2011, several benefits will accrue, including:

    a new automated system that supports the paperless flow of information from police officers, who will use a new “e-ticketing” system to issue citations;

    a new system of case management that will enable Municipal Court judges to increase efficiencies; and,

    a new system that will make it possible for judges and police to tap into national databases to identify suspects’ criminal records from a variety of sources.

Media inquiries about this topic should be directed to John Franklin, Municipal Court, 816-513-3900.


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