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FY 2011-12 Citizen Satisfaction Survey results show significant improvement

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Performance Management staff presented results from the Fiscal Year 2011-12 Citizen Satisfaction Survey to the City Council during Business Session on Thursday, Aug. 23. The City conducts this survey annually to understand satisfaction trends that point to positive progress and areas that need improvement.

This year’s survey, administered between July 2011 and May 2012, showed an overall significant improvement in City satisfaction compared to last year’s results, and an even larger improvement compared to the 2005 survey, the baseline year that most closely matches the current survey.

The survey revealed a major or significant improvement in 32 categories, no significant change in 29 areas and a decline in six areas. Areas showing the greatest improvement included Leadership, City Communications, Parks and Recreation, and Solid Waste. Residents can view the entire report online at

“While the overall results of the latest survey are very encouraging and show we are making good progress during difficult times, we will keep up our momentum as we still have work to do,” said City Manager Troy Schulte. “This year’s survey results, combined with ongoing monthly performance data, provide critical insight that will help staff identify where adjustments are needed.”

While past Citizen Satisfaction Surveys were facilitated by the City Auditor’s Office, this year’s survey was led by the Office of the City Manager’s Performance Management staff, who are proactively taking action in partnership with department staff to address areas indicating that improvement is needed.

“When a survey item shows dissatisfaction, Performance Management staff work with those responsible for the program or service area to identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement,” said Julie Steenson, performance analyst.

This year’s Citizen Satisfaction Survey also added a new “importance” component, in which residents were asked to rank items on which should receive the most emphasis from city leaders.

“We’re paying particular attention to the correlation between resident dissatisfaction and importance,” said Kate Bender, performance analyst. “If an element is very important to residents as a whole and they are dissatisfied with it, we’ve recognized that this area is a priority for improvement.”

Citizen Satisfaction Surveys are sent out quarterly each year to a sample group of Kansas City, Mo., residents. The first quarter Citizen Satisfaction Surveys for Fiscal Year 2012-13 are currently being administered. Residents who receive a survey are encouraged to fill out and submit the surveys either via mail or online.

For media inquiries or more information about the Citizen Satisfaction Survey, please contact Kate Bender at 816-513-6567 or Julie Steenson at 816-513-6568.


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