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Second dog discovered mutilated

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Animal Health and Public Safety Division of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department today recovered a second dog that had been mutilated. The injury appears to have been intentional.

The latest victim, a male rottweiler, was discovered in the northeast area around the Kansas City Museum. The dog’s leg was amputated in the same place as Misty, the dog discovered by Kansas City, Mo., police officers Aug. 14. In both cases, the injury affected the lower portion of the left hind leg.

The dog was brought to the Kansas City, Mo., Animal Health and Public Safety shelter by animal control officers and was treated with first aid.

Following an examination by Dr. Heath Rose, D.V.M., the dog was transferred to the Raytown Animal Clinic for more definitive care.

“Similar injuries to two different dogs several miles apart is too coincidental to not be linked,” said Lesly Forsberg, division manager, Animal Health and Public Safety Division. “Animal cruelty has been linked with a number of crimes for society to be concerned with, including child and spousal abuse, drugs and serial killings. Anyone with information should contact us as soon as possible.”

Media inquiries about these issues should be directed to Lesly Forsberg, manager of the Animal Health and Public Safety Division, (816) 513-9814; or Don Pickard, assistant manager, (816) 513-9810.

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