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More rabid bats found

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Health Department continues to encourage residents to be aware of the possibility of increased rabies activity in this area following the discovery of three more rabid bats since June 30, bringing the total this year to five.

Kansas City has never had so many rabid bats in one summer within the City limits, topping the four bats in 1998 and the three bats in 1997. Since 1997, Kansas City has had only 10 rabid bats total.

All three of the recently discovered rabid bats were found along the Gregory Boulevard corridor. Fortunately no human exposures are associated with the rabid bats.

Rabid bats may be found any month of the year in Kansas City. Any bat that is active by day, is found in a place where bats are not usually seen (i.e., in rooms in homes or on the lawn), or is unable to fly is far more likely to be rabid. Such bats are often the most easily approached. Therefore, it is best never to handle a bat.

The Health Department cautions residents against picking up bats or other animals that appear to be acting abnormally or appear to be ill.

Residents should make sure their pets are properly vaccinated against rabies and warn children of the danger that rabies may present. Information about vaccinating pets from rabies and other diseases can be obtained from the Animal Health and Public Safety Division of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department.

Kansas City residents are encouraged to report animals that may be infected, by calling an Action Center (City Manager's Office) representative for assistance from the Animal Health and Public Safety Division, (816) 513-9800.

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