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Pet license fees increase Sept. 1

The City Council recently adopted a pet license ordinance, which will go into effect Sept. 1. The ordinance authorizes the Animal Control Division of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department to increase fees. Pet owners are urged to take advantage of an amnesty period until Sept. 1, and obtain the needed licenses.

Until Sept. 1, the Animal Control Division will: waive the $25 delinquent renewal fee for renewing a license; charge a $7 fee for an altered pet; and charge a $20 fee for an unaltered pet.

However, the division will enforce the following changes beginning Sept. 1: there will be a $25 delinquent fee for renewing a license; minimum fines for unlicensed pets will increase to $75; and the fee for unaltered pets will increase to $30.

In a recent public testimony, there was a strong indication that pet owners want to purchase pet licenses while at their veterinarian’s office. In response to that testimony, the City Council added a provision to the ordinance authorizing veterinarians to charge a processing fee for providing this service. Consequently, the Neighborhood and Community Services Department is working with area veterinary clinics, to increase availability of pet licenses through veterinary clinics.

If your pet is already vaccinated, a license can be obtained by contacting PetData, the City’s contractor, at (800) 738-3463, or by calling the Animal Control Division at (816) 513-9800.

A license may also be obtained by mailing a copy of a rabies certificate with a check or money order made payable to “City Treasurer” to: City of Kansas City, Mo., Pet License, P.O. Box 219393, Kansas City, MO, 64121-9393. To purchase the license at the lower fee, include documentation of spay or neuter status of the pet.

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