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City auditor releases audit on street maintenance

Today, the City Auditor’s Office released a performance audit on street maintenance. The audit focuses on the condition of City streets and how the Public Works Department can improve citizens’ perceptions of the condition.

The audit concludes that City streets are bumpy and citizens are not satisfied with the condition of the streets. The Public Works Department focuses on the average condition of streets and does not take into account the experience a driver has on a trip along City streets. While the average condition may be relatively good, the actual driving experience is relatively bad and leads to a high level of citizen dissatisfaction. The audit also concludes that utility cuts continue to damage streets and degrade ride quality. In addition, the number of miles resurfaced has decreased significantly in the last five years.

The report includes recommendations to improve pavement smoothness and street performance measures, ensure staff presents accurate information on street conditions, increase the number of miles of streets resurfaced, and monitor the impact of street cut regulation. Management agreed with the recommendations.

This report should be accessible from by 3 p.m. today.

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