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City suspends liquor license of Elenas for 10 days

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Regulated Industries Division and the management of Elenas have agreed to a 10-day suspension of the establishment's liquor license. Elenas is located at 2934 Southwest Blvd.

This suspension is the result of violations of City ordinances. The suspension will start July 26 at 6 a.m. and will end Aug. 5 at 1:30 a.m. As a condition of the suspension, the management has agreed to provide education, training and instruction to employees.

"After finding multiple violations at Elenas on June 26, I met with its management to discuss the violations and the possibility of losing its liquor license if the problems continued," said Gary Majors, manager of the Regulated Industries Division of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department.

The Regulated Industries Division cited Elenas with violations of these sections of the City ordinance:

o Section 10-332. Prohibited acts by all retail licensees
- (j) Illegal drugs – No retail licensee, nor employee of the licensee, shall possess, store, sell or offer for sale, give away, distribute or deliver any controlled substance or illegal drug or narcotic, as defined in the Missouri Comprehensive Drug Control Act, or similar statutes, upon the licensed premises, nor shall any licensee or employee allow any other person to engage in any of these acts upon the licensed premises

o Section 10-333. Hours, days of sale for all retail licensees
- (a) Hours, days of sales – No retail licensee, nor employee of the licensee, shall sell, give away or otherwise dispose of any alcoholic beverages or suffer the same to be done on or about the licensed premises
• (1) Between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday

o Section 10-334. Closed place
- The premises of any sales-by-drink shall be a closed place with all doors locked and no persons upon the premises, on all days and at all times during which the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by this chapter

o Section 10-335. Prohibited acts on sales-by-drink premises
- (a) Upon the licensed premises of a sales-by-drink licensee, no licensee, nor any employee of the licensee, shall
• (5) Allow any person to drink or consume any alcoholic beverage directly out of any bottle, if the volume size of the bottle exceeds 16 ounces, or if the alcohol content of the beverage exceeds 15 percent, by volume.

Media inquiries about this issue should be directed to Teresa L. Clark, public information officer for the Neighborhood and Community Services Department, (816) 513-3247.

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