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Ozone action plans provide specific guidelines for departments

The City’s ozone action policy identifies specific actions taken to reduce ozone generating activities on ozone alert days and throughout the ozone season. The plan went into effect this spring.

Under the policy, each City department is required to develop and implement an ozone action plan. The ozone action plans are designed to protect the health of area residents and maintain the region’s attainment status under the federal Clean Air Act.

A breakdown of the departments’ roles in the policy is as follows:

    16 departments have developed and implemented ozone action plans

    13 departments postpone refueling of City vehicles on ozone alert days

    12 departments postpone non-essential driving on ozone alert days

    10 departments allow specified staff members to adjust their work schedules to minimize the number of people commuting during rush hour

    9 departments require or encourage their contractors to participate in ozone reduction efforts

    8 departments restrict vehicle idling on ozone alert days

    7 departments postpone small engine use, such as lawn mowers and weed eaters, on ozone alert days

    7 departments encourage the use of car pools or van pools for commuting

    5 departments are increasing their use of alternative fuels, such as compressed natural gas and biodiesel

    4 departments prohibit outdoor fires, including cooking fires, on department property on ozone alert days.

There are 56 other specific commitments included in the departmental ozone action plans.

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