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Heat advisory issued

The heat index is predicted to be greater than 95 degrees by 11 a.m. today at the Kansas City International Airport. As a result, the Health Department is issuing a summer heat advisory that will be in effect for the rest of the year.

A heat advisory is the entry-level of notification the Health Department issues based on the heat index, which is the combined effect of temperature and humidity on the body, or how it feels. A heat advisory is issued as weather conditions are serious and action must be taken to avoid heat-related illnesses. The public is urged to observe the following guidelines to avoid heat-related illnesses:

    Limit outdoor activity.

    Stay in the coolest location possible. Try to spend at least a few hours every day in an air-conditioned building.

    Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing made of natural fibers.

    Drink plenty of water unless on a fluid-restricted diet. A good rule of thumb is if you are thirsty, you are already beginning to dehydrate.

    Take cool baths or showers.

    Eat cool, light meals that include salt unless, you are on a salt-restricted diet. Avoid high protein or fatty foods. Fruits and vegetables are recommended.

    Seek medical attention immediately if you feel nauseated, weak, dizzy or confused.

    Check frequently on neighbors, especially those who are at risk. Infants, small children, and the elderly are at high-risk for heat-related illnesses and should be encouraged to seek relief in air-conditioned buildings.

A new service offered by the Health Department this year is the 24-hour Heat Hot Line. Anyone may call (816) 513-6265 for more information on tips to beat the heat.

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