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Ozone actions save resources, reduce further pollution

In response to the first Ozone Alert Days of the 2005 ozone season (June 22, 23, 25 and 26), 12 city departments reported a total of 2,315 actions taken to reduce ozone generating activities these days.

In addition, alternative fuel vehicles in the City fleet logged more than 16,000 miles on these days, emitting significantly less air pollution than comparable gas or diesel vehicles.

Due to actions taken by organizations and individuals throughout the Kansas City area, air quality was better than it otherwise would have been on these alert days. Despite these actions, ozone levels exceeded federal standards at three of the area monitoring stations June 22 and 25.

The following accomplishments were reported by City departments for June 22, 23, 25 and 26:

City vehicle usage

    Vehicle trips avoided or postponed – 614

    Vehicle refueling avoided or postponed – 648

    Hours of vehicle idling avoided – 380

    Alternative fuel vehicles used – 16,000+ miles.

City equipment (mowers, chainsaws, etc.)

    Hours of use avoided or postponed – 245

    Solvent use avoided or postponed – 260 gallons

    Other ozone generating activities postponed – 67.

City buildings

    Thermostats were set warmer to reduce HVAC demand – 107 building days.


    Street work that would have required lane closures was postponed at six sites.

    Most City diesel equipment uses B20 biodiesel containing 20 percent soybean oil. B20 biodiesel significantly reduces air emissions.

    Numerous unquantifiable actions occurred (posting notices, etc.).

In April 2004, City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen issued an Ozone Action Policy which requires each City department to develop and implement an Ozone Action Plan to reduce ozone generating activities on Ozone Alert Days. The Office of Environmental Quality is charged with coordinating the City’s ozone reduction efforts and with compiling and reporting citywide accomplishments.

For more information about the Ozone Action Policy, call Larry Falkin, Office of Environmental Quality, (816) 513-3456.

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