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Resolution honors U.S. troops in Iraq

Councilwoman Becky Nace, 5th District-at-Large, will introduce a special action resolution honoring United States troops in Iraq, at the City Council legislative session July 1, at 3 p.m.

Major General Michael Symanski, Don North and Susan M. Dakak will accept the resolution.

Major General Symanski is the commanding general of the 89th Regional Readiness Command which is made up of the majority of Army Reserve soldiers in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. He is a veteran of the Desert Storm Campaign and has a son currently serving in Iraq.

North is an independent filmmaker who recently produced a documentary entitled "Remembering Saddam," which tells the story of seven Baghdad merchants. Nine years ago, after spending a year in the now infamous Abu Ghraib prison, the merchants’ right hands were surgically removed as part of an effort to blame small businessmen for Iraq's collapsing economy. In the documentary, each man tells his experiences under the former dictator, as do his friends, wives and children.

Dakak, a native of Iraq, is the vice president of Intuitive Technologies Inc. She has lived in the U.S. since 1978 and became an American citizen in 1984. Dakak volunteered to travel to Iraq to assist the U.S. Administration and the Department of Defense in reconstruction efforts. She traveled to Iraq in January 2004, and she has been working as a consultant lending her expertise in rehabbing water and sewer systems to the Coalition Provisional Authority. She also is working with the new Iraqi government in the areas of democracy, process management and project management.

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