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Kansas City, Mo. now ranks as 35th largest city in U.S.

The United States Census Bureau’s 2009 population estimates were released on June 22 and Kansas City, Mo. now ranks as the 35th largest city in the U.S., with an estimated population of 482,299.

"Despite the continuing loss of population from the urban core, the overall population of the City has continued to increase throughout this decade, and this is very good news,” said Mayor Mark Funkhouser. “However, the long-term health of the City requires that we return middle-class people to the urban core. We are creating a City where the middle-class will naturally want to live through initiatives that focus on making our neighborhoods clean and safe."

A population increase means more federal funding for the City. For every person estimated in the population, the City will receive approximately $1,000.

“This new data is important for federal funding as well as citywide planning,” said Steven Lebofsky, statistical analyst for the City Planning and Development Department. “By knowing our population we can do a better job of planning for facilities such as healthcare and schools as well as transportation. Higher populations also attract more investment from businesses looking for larger markets for their products and services.”


In order to make an estimate, the Census Bureau looks to the 2000 census as a base for population. The number of births, deaths and migrations are then taken into account. If the Bureau’s estimations are challenged, the number of housing units can be used as an indicator. The number of residential units in the City is multiplied by the percent of housing units that were occupied and by the average number of occupants per household at the time of the 2000 census.

The City has appealed the Bureau’s estimates for the previous two years. The result was a readjustment in favor of the City.

Lebofsky said, “I see no reason to challenge their estimations this year.”

The estimates released June 22 are independent of the 2010 census counts. Those counts will be released early next year.

For more information contact Steven Lebofsky in the City Planning and Development Department at 816-513-2817.


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