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CONTACT: Jim Lee, Public Works Department, (816) 513-9502

Citizens asked to help expedite light repair

To expedite locating and fixing remaining street light outages from the January ice storm, citizens are asked to call (816) 564-0930. This telephone number will be available only until the close of business June 21, and it will be answered by a representative of the repair contractor, Custom Lighting Services, (no recordings) Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. If the line is busy, it is because someone else is making a report. After June 21, citizens are asked to report street light problems by calling the usual telephone number, (816) 654-1400.

When citizens call, they are asked to be prepared to report the pole identification number, accurate address, and the day and time of day the light was out. Pole identification numbers are displayed on a black and white decal with three letters and four numerals.

Repairs to 3,100 City street lights damaged by the January ice storm are nearly complete. Physical repairs have been made to replace hundreds of downed wires and leaning poles throughout the city.

More specifically, the following types of repairs were completed over the past six weeks:

69 broken poles were replaced

1,355 leaning poles were straightened

1,383 broken spans of electrical wire between poles were repaired

294 damaged fixtures were replaced

1,479 spans of sagging wires or guying cables were tightened

Currently, the City’s repair contractor and City staff are conducting night surveys throughout the entire city to identify any lights not operating. Most storm-damaged lights should be operating normally but, there are instances where a damaged component on the circuit or an open connection to the power source may still exist. These types of problems are best identified after dark when the circuits are energized.

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