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Grant application process centralized

The City’s grant review and application process is now centralized in the City Manager’s Office. Randall Funding & Development, Inc. (Randall Group) will assist the City with grant requests and renewals. The centralized process will maximize grant revenue to the City and offset the loss of administrative positions due to retirement, vacancy loss, and the hiring freeze.

Centralization of this function helps build an overall City grants management program that provides a continuum of oversight from application, to reporting, to final auditing.

The Office of Management and Budget in the City Manager’s Office will review all proposed grant applications. It will make recommendations to the City Manager whether grants should be pursued or identify possible greater citywide needs for those grant dollars.

This process will allow the City Manager to make strategic decisions regarding the focus of the City’s grant seeking efforts by attempting to address City Council priorities, and improving management of the long-term fiscal implications potentially associated with grant acceptance.

Block grants such as CDBG, LLEBG, and grant dollars allocated on a regional basis will not be subject to this formalized review and application process at this time.

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