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Street resurfacing program underway

The Street and Traffic Division of the Public Works Department has released the preliminary list of its 2003 Street Preservation Program. The repairs in this list are scheduled to take place between May and October 2003. The division’s goal is to be able to complete this list and focus on preventative maintenance instead of repair work. The list will be available online at the end of this month at This is a tentative list as the weather is a determinant if the work can be completed.

It is anticipated that 202 miles of roadways will be completed this year compared to 167 miles in 2002. More repairs than last year are expected to be made due to an increase in funding as a result of the bond issue.

Kansas City streets are resurfaced in an order determined by their condition and use. All streets have been rated on a scale of 10 to 99, depending on their condition and the last year they were resurfaced. The lower the rating, the higher the street’s priority is for resurfacing. For example, a “16” would be repaired before a “20.” Street ratings automatically drop 10 points at the end of each year.

Depending on the amount of money available each year, trafficways and boulevards rated 10 to 19, and residential streets rated 10 to 18, can usually be treated. The Public Works Department conducts surveys each year of streets rated 10 to 30 in compiling this listing.

Trafficways and boulevards usually receive higher resurfacing priority than residential streets because of the volume of traffic they must carry.

The Public Works Department maintains approximately 2,300 miles of public streets. Its goal is to extend street life and reduce maintenance costs while improving riding quality. When feasible, minor drainage problems are corrected, problems with high crowns are corrected and driveway access problems are improved.

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