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City and regional partners receive $20 million
in EECBG federal stimulus dollars

Today, Vice President Joe Biden announced the City of Kansas City, Mo., and its’ partners will receive a $20 million Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) from the U.S. Department of Energy, funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The EnergyWorks KC grant proposal was designed to change the energy retrofit market in the Kansas City region.

The principal partners of EnergyWorks KC are committed to working together with the city of Kansas City, Mo., and other stakeholders throughout the region to transform the metropolitan energy retrofit market.

This is good news for Kansas City, good news for our neighborhoods, and good news for the residents and businesses we can attract by being a green city,” said Mayor Mark Funkhouser. “Reducing energy costs and improving quality of life will be a big step forward.”

“This is not just more money to do the same old thing.These dollars will put our communityin the forefront tofundamentally change the equation and sustain these importantenergy-efficiency efforts long beyond the span of the Recovery Act. The Vice President’s announcement makes it clear in the eyes of the Department of Energy and the Obama Administration we have moved into a league with some of the most aggressively environmentally conscious cities in the country. The nation is looking to us to lead the way.The work will be hard and the hours long, but the rewards are extremely exciting,” said Congressman Emanuel Cleaver.

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EnergyWorks KC was initiated because of Kansas City’s aggressive Climate Protection Plan, which identifies specific greenhouse-gas-emission-reduction goals by 2020. It takes advantage of a diverse set of neighborhoods where place-based strategies for revitalization are already underway.

Using Kansas City’s Climate Protection Plan and the city’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy as a foundation and leveraging two major regional initiatives, the Green Impact Zone and Kansas City Power & Light Company’s (KCPL) Smart Grid project, EnergyWorks KC identifies ways additional EECBG funding would advance and expedite reaching those goals, transform the energy market in Kansas City, and develop EnergyWorks KC as a regional and national model for creating a sustainable effort to deliver building retrofits.

“The city of Kansas City, Mo., is committed to making Kansas City a green and sustainable city,” said Acting City Manager Troy Schulte. “This is an enormous undertaking and a great opportunity for all of our partners to work together for something as important as the air we breathe.”

Project Objectives:

    • Retrofits of thousands of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and public buildings during the project period and additional buildings in the two years after the grant project period;

    • Reductions of 216 million kWh/year in electricity, 570 million cubic feet/year in natural gas, and 60 million gallons/year in water use, and associated utility bills;

    • Workforce development and job creation/retention of an average of 455 jobs;

    • State and local public policy changes to lower or eliminate barriers to energy efficiency efforts; and

    • Creation of a replicable model for energy efficiency that could be adopted across the region.

“We may be setting our goals high, but with the potential impact these changes can make in reducing energy use and preventing foreclosures of buildings,” Chief Environmental Officer Dennis Murphey said, “nothing else can change the economic value we will be bringing to our community like this work will.”

The city of Kansas City, Mo., will manage the overall project including grant management, competitive procurement, and the marketing campaign. KCP&L will work with EnergyWorks KC to develop

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strategies and policies to encourage expanded building energy retrofits. Metropolitan Energy Center will serve as a single point of contact for building owners to access EnergyWorks KC and assist these building owners in financing for and retrofitting their homes or buildings.

Mid-America Regional Council will assist in marketing and outreach, lead the workforce development efforts and creation of a Green Energy Workforce Council, and coordinate the Metropolitan Energy Retrofit Coalition including a region-wide public education campaign and development and implementation of state and local energy retrofit policies.

Missouri Gas Energy will work with EnergyWorks KC to develop strategies and policies, including innovative use of existing rebate programs to encourage expanded building energy retrofits, provide energy-use data and participate in energy-use feedback to building owners who participate in EnergyWorks KC.

The increase in demand and supply for retrofits will lay the foundation for a market transformation at the regional level, aided by regional partnerships. EnergyWorks KC’s potential for market transformation in tandem with another groundbreaking project, the Green Impact Zone, could have a national impact as a model project.

Media inquiries should be directed to Dennis Murphey, chief environmental officer for the Office of Environmental Quality, City Manager’s Office, 816-513-3459.


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