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City recognizes Moldova Delegation visit with resolution

The City of Kansas City, Mo., honored visiting Open World Delegates from the nation of Moldova with a formal Resolution issued by the Mayor and City Council on March 24, 2011. The delegation, which visited the domestic violence facility at the City’s Municipal Court, was in the Kansas City area as part of an initiative to combat human trafficking.

Members of the delegation are interested in the United States legislation and prosecution of human traffickers, the collaboration of nongovernmental and governmental bodies in combating human trafficking, and various services and programs designed to assist victims of human trafficking.

The delegation is comprised of the following individuals:

- Alexei Oleg Balan, a lawyer for the Winrock Regional Support Center in the city of Bendery, Transnistria, where he supports the legal rights of trafficking victims and ensures the provision of services to victims.

- Ecaterina Nicolae Ivanov, coordinator and psychologist at the Maternity Center in Cahul City, where she provides counseling to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, and organizes prevention and education events.

- Ana Ion Schiopu, a service coordinator for the Center for Assistance and Protection to Victims of Traffic in Human Beings from Causeni, where she offers victims of human trafficking physical and psychological support and professional skills necessary to reintegrate into Moldovan life.

- Tatiana Vasile Timotin, a social assistant who coordinates the operations of the Professional Orientation and Social Reintegration Center organized within the Insula Sperantelor to provide rehabilitation and assistance to victims of human trafficking.

- Diana Dumitru Donoaga, who works at the Ministry of Labor, Social and Family Protection as the National Coordinating Unit for the National Reference System for Protection and Assistance to Victims and Potential Victims of Traffic in Human Victims.

Media inquiries about the City honoring the Moldova Delegation should be directed to Teresa Martinez, City Manager’s Office 816-513-1366 or the Office of Councilwoman Beth Gottstein at 816-513-1368.

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