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Municipal Court institutes new probation fee

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Municipal Court announces that a new probation fee of $10 per month will be assessed starting on Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012. The fee will only be assessed for persons granted probation starting on or after Feb. 29; it will not apply to cases disposed prior to the start date.

The new fee will be used to improve and expand probation services, a goal that is now being realized with the recent establishment of the court’s new Probation Division. The new division is basing its work on research and evidence-based practices that are most effective in reducing recidivism.

“The fee will allow us to enhance the supervision and rehabilitative services provided to defendants who receive probation in Municipal Court,” said Stephanie Boyer, probation manager. “This will increase our ability to turn probationers’ lives around, just as we have done for defendants who have been accepted to our therapeutic specialty courts over the years.”

The court’s three therapeutic specialty courts – Drug Court, Mental Health Court and Veterans Treatment Court – focus on addressing defendants’ root problems through appropriate therapeutic interventions rather than punitive measures alone. With the imposition of the new fee, these services can be expanded to probationers beyond the specialty courts.

“The new fee will enhance our ability to ensure that people’s underlying needs are addressed,” Boyer added. “We’ll match the interventions that are best suited for each individual defendant.”

For additional information, please contact the Court’s communications manager, Ellen Belzer, at 816-513-3958.


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