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Tuberculosis cases found in homeless shelter

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Health Department is conducting contact investigations on two active tuberculosis cases. Both people with tuberculosis stayed at the same Kansas City, Mo., homeless shelter. Disease investigators have performed TB skin tests on other people at the shelter, and are actively investigating the situation to determine if there are any other active TB cases in this shelter.

Symptoms of TB include fever and a productive cough lasting more than one to three weeks. Other symptoms may include coughing up and spitting blood, chills, night sweats or unexpected weight loss. If TB is suspected, a chest X-ray should be done and the person should be isolated.

TB does not spread easily, except through close contact or when someone with TB coughs or sneezes and another person nearby breathes in the bacteria over a period of time. TB is not spread by dishes, drinking glasses, sheets, clothing or by touching someone with the disease.

Any confirmed or suspected TB case should be reported immediately to the Health Department so that a treatment plan can be decided upon and potentially exposed people located and examined. These reports can be made by fax to (816) 513-6316 or called in to (816) 513-6152.

For more information about tuberculosis, visit the Health Department's Web site ( or call (816) 513-6132.

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