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City takes steps to address needs at Animal Adoption Center

The City of Kansas City, Mo., has launched a recruitment effort for an animal technician and is taking additional steps to improve services to animals at the Sara Lucito Animal Adoption Center. The actions are being taken to address the absence of a full-time animal technician at the center.

The center had two full-time animal technicians on staff. However, one of the positions was cut for the 2003-04 fiscal year and the other has been vacant since September 2003. Some of the basic animal care duties can be performed by kennel staff; however, the primary duties demand personnel with specialized medical education and experience.

The animal technician is responsible for examining and overseeing the general health of all animals impounded at the City’s animal center. Some examples of duties include examining and evaluating the overall health of impounded animals, administering medication and first aid, assisting the veterinarian during surgeries, conducting pre-adoption health examinations, providing vaccinations and tests, and monitoring the euthanasia of animals.

The City has taken the following steps to recruit an applicant pool for the open position and to provide additional coverage:

    The minimum qualifications for the animal technician position are being revised to include experience or education to broaden the applicant base.

    The position will be advertised in local publications until the position is filled.

    An "open until filled" advertisement will be posted on the City's Web site.

    The center’s part-time veterinarian has placed a notice in a local veterinarian association newsletter and has talked with the association president regarding the situation. The president also will assist in the recruiting effort.

    The human resources director at the Kansas City Zoo has been contacted regarding the zoo’s laid-off technicians. The four laid-off workers will be contacted to see if they would be interested in the Animal Adoption Center position.

    The Animal Adoption Center manager sits on the "No More Homeless Pets in KC" board and has made an appeal to the board to assist with the recruiting efforts.

    Maple Woods Community College has been contacted regarding the opening and will be assisting with recruitment through its veterinarian technician program.

    The City also will be recruiting to fill two additional part-time animal care specialist positions. The positions will be paid for out of existing Animal Control funds from savings in overtime. The request has been reviewed and approved by the Office of Management and Budget and is currently in the Position Review Committee’s process.

    A volunteer certified animal technician has been recruited to work 10 to 12 hours per week beginning Jan 28.

    The City will resume recruitment of a full-time veterinarian.

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