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Audit on firefighter time trading released

Today, the City Auditor’s Office released a performance audit on firefighter time trading. Time trading is a common practice for public safety employees when one employee can work hours scheduled for another employee of the same rank or position. This audit focuses on whether the City’s firefighter time trading practice complies with state and federal laws and regulations.

The audit concludes that neither federal law nor City policies address whether time trading can be used by an employee approved for family and medical leave and that the City’s Fire and Human Resources departments interpret the policy differently. Direction given by the Human Resources Department staff and changes adopted by the Fire Department have resulted in outcomes that appear to be inconsistent with legal requirements, such as paying overtime to the substituting firefighter and not the scheduled firefighter when appropriate.

The report includes recommendations to clarify the City’s policy on time trading during family and medical leave and to correct problems the Fire Department created inadvertently. Management agreed with the recommendations.

This report should be accessible from by 3 p.m.

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