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City Auditor’s Office makes recommendations to improve fire code inspection program

The City of Kansas City, Mo., City Auditor’s Office released an audit today on the fire code inspection program. The audit focuses on how the program is managed, the completeness of the fire safety inspection database and what improvements would be helpful.

The audit concluded that some fire safety inspections were not done timely and some annual inspections were missed. The Fire Department’s Prevention Division does not have written policies and procedures related to the inspection process to ensure that inspections are conducted consistently and that management’s expectations are clear. The audit also noted that one employee is responsible for collecting fees, issuing permits, recording inspections and payment data, and making deposits, thereby increasing the risk that errors or fraud could go undetected. In addition, the audit determined the database of structures that should be inspected was reasonably complete.

The audit included recommendations for:

    • reducing the rate of late and missed inspections

    • ensuring consistency in the inspection process

    • strengthening controls over administrative processes

    • enhancing the completeness of the inspection database

Management agreed with the recommendations.

The purpose of performance audits is to identify ways to make the activities of the City more efficient and effective. Recent performance audits by the City Auditor’s Office have evaluated citywide overtime trends and management practices, the effectiveness of the City’s Traffic Management Center, the City’s payment process for outside vendors, and ambulance crew shifts and response times.

To view these reports, including the latest audit on fire inspections, please visit and click on “Most Recent Reports.”


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